Monday 27 June 2022

0282 Podcast Thing: 22 Q2

 New 0282 Podcast Yon:

Yet another top quality music / low quality chat quandary, with shop-ready tunes from the likes of Djinn, Karen Dalton, King Gizzard, Doris, Kikagaku Moyo, Nico Gomez, etc...

Monday 30 May 2022

Calling All Creatives...

Calling all Creatives. If you're a photographer or visual artist and you're interested in making a few Bob while getting your stuff out there - give us a shout.
Paid opportunities at 0282 coming up for all manner of Ace creatives, besides a few cash-centric competitions to boot. What you waiting for? - Get in touch innit??.



Friday 4 March 2022

Get to Folk @0282

 We're rebooting 0282's evening events with a low key gig upstairs at Burnley Library on Saturday March 19th playing ace acousticky sides from the likes of Anne Briggs, Belbury Poly, Ivor Cutler, Minor Birds, Nick Drake, Pentangle, Beautify Junkyards, Pisces, Forest, Syd Barrett, Bonnie Koloc, Chimera, Marie Laforet, Roger Westbrook, Neil Young, Bonnie Prince Billy, Joyce, Bridget St John, Jane Weaver, Robert Wyatt, Grizzly Bear, Free Design, Mazzy Star, Marta Kubisova, Elliott Smith, Roj, Holly Golightly, Margo Guryan, Alan Parker, etc etc...

Pay-what-you-can tickets are v limited, and it's fetch yer own drink. Give us a shout if you fancy it. Some paid Open Mic slots too so please spread the word or get in touch...x