Wednesday 1 October 2014

Waiting for the Dots...

Nostalgia eh?.
Endearing enduring rose-tinted recall that files away the rough edges of distant memories.
Ours include:
- Winning Darth Vader with Peter Noble in a playtime game of 'Topsies'.
- Watching Andy Ruffell perform mighty horse kicks right next to our classroom.
- Beating St Johns 5-2 thanks in part to a hat-trick from a curly-haired left-winger.
- Sneaking down the park at dinner and trying to 'buck' (ie break) the rocking horse.
- Sitting cross-legged counting down the dots waiting impatiently for 'The Boy from Space'.

All these were drawn from our time at Barden so that's what we've called our ale, natch.
Brewed to perfection by our good friends at Moonstone Brewery, it's currently on sale at the ever-wonderful Ministry of Ale in that there Burnley. It's a flipping winner.

Accompanying our latest release is a fine Porter-fuelled nostalgia-laden library music fest containing several of those 'Schools TV' themes we fondly remember. FIND IT HERE...

Nostalgia eh?. It's not what it used to be - That's for sure...