Saturday 30 November 2013

Free Sided Square : 02

Another selection of fine platters. Less mix, more segue this one. No matter. Music from Pictures, courtesy of our many legged popular pals; 'Friends of Peter Noble'. Members scattered far and wide though headquarters reputedly just off North Street up Briercliffe, or as they like to call it; 'Harle Psych'. Features the finest filmic funk and lots of hip blop. You can find it HERE as it goes. Just give it a do eh??

Thursday 21 November 2013

Free Sided Square : 01

Already stuck for words just three paltry posts in, we figured that a long overdue re-appraisal of some locally produced mixtape type things might be in order.
This first one, entitled Psych and Such is pretty much just that.
Put together by 0282 stalwarts Barden Juniors; Good lads all three of em. Residents of Travis Street, Thorn Street, and Devonshire Road back in the day, if you're even halfway interested in that sort of stuff.
Feel free to download this doing, have a quick flick through, decide its not really your sort of thing, and swiftly delete from your hard drive, putting the whole sorry caper well behind you....

Saturday 16 November 2013

Disc Jockey Doings

Michael Holland; That talented FulbaeChopian friend of 0282, has asked us to play some records tomorrow (Sunday 17th November) at Haxan at Common in that there Manchester. To call it Disc-Jockeying might be pushing it a bit - expect to find us drinking stout and struggling with the 7" dink vinyl adapters from about 4pm til midnight...

Some stuff you might have missed: (Oh, Boo-Hoo etc...)

With public demand now at indescribable levels, we at 0282 start THIS, our official Blog.
Expect startling technological ineptitude, esoteric nonsense, and possibly the odd thing that might be of limited interest to folks beyond our small circle of friends and confidantes.
Unlikely, that last bit.
Some Posters of our recent-ish exploits to start. And we'll take it from there......