Monday 17 February 2014

The 'Cloud is dead. Long live the 'Cloud...

Right then. In the last month or two our SoundCloud account has come to be a pain in the backside. If it weren't enough hassle having to redo / scratch one out of every three or four mix tapes due to their zealous content Police, there's been countless other agg to deal with. Not worth the time in other words. Or the pennies. So we're knocking the SoundCloud thing right on the head for now, at least until their service provision is altered massively.
Now, before all you Hipster Doofus' (Doofi??) out there start skriking uncontrollably at being forced to question the legitimacy of existence in a world free from our many kind freebies, calm yourselves. We're shifting it all over to MixCloud instead. (AND YOU CAN FIND IT ALL RIGHT HERE!!)
"But what about the ability to Download your incredible selections", we hear you cry. Fair point. As our luddite selves understand it, just Google 'How to download from MixCloud', and all your Christmasses just came at once. (other search engines are available).

Friday 14 February 2014


Well it's that time of year already folks, where whether we like it or not, romance is shoved right down our throats (ooh Matron, Fnarr, Fnarr, etc etc). A time-served occasion affording star-crossed Lovers the opportunity to splurge their hard-earned spondoolix on more heart-shaped trinkets and what-not just as their bank balances begin their post-Yuletide recovery, while ostracisng all manner of singletons because they aren't able to properly celebrate another cynical sales opportunity by greetings card peddlers the world over.

Not that we here at 0282 are totally against any form of public or private displays of passion. Or tenderness. Or affection. Or indeed anything along those lines. So let us provide you with this here 'MIXTAPE THINGY' (RIGHT HERE!!!) to soundtrack any amourous activity you may find yourself involved in this Valentine's Day, whether with a group of open-minded individuals fuelled by boxed wine, alone with that special someone, or perhaps an onanistic adventure of your own making. Whatever tickles your fancy, it's fair to say that one thing we can all agree on is the sort of sounds that will get our collective motors running. That's right - Wonky un-Pop and Foreign Psychedelia. Enjoy...

Friday 7 February 2014

MixCloud Doings

Right then. So it seems that there's a few of you out there in "I know we're getting quality gear for free, but we still want it tailoring to suit our ungrateful needs" land, and with that in mind, we've started a MixCloud account to compliment our already much under-appreciated, greatly ignored, SoundCloud doings.
Any attempt on your parts to give a little back for a change, instead of take, take, taking all the time would be greatly appreciated. Really. So give yourself a quick earful of a few tasty morsels RIGHT HERE, with a view to increasing our listening stats, in order to make us appear far more popular than we could ever hope to be in real life. Thanks x.
For those who require a visual stimulus to accompany our inane ramblings, find enclosed some posters for a couple of upcoming 0282-related 'gigs'. Please feel free to 'like', and 'share', and all that disingenuous guff...