Sunday 29 December 2013

Sonic Yootha

If there's one question your good friends here at 0282 have been asked the most down the years, without a doubt it would have to be "Pray tell - What is your favourite short story featuring an illustrated rendition of Yootha Joyce??".
As you'd expect, it's a difficult one to answer, but after much deliberation we have made our minds up at last. Enjoy....

Monday 16 December 2013

Free Sided Square : 09

So, this is Christmas. And what have you done??.
The generous folks here at 0282 gave away a good several 'mix CDs' at our Yuletide knees up last Saturday at t'Ministry of Ale which were gratefully received. Perhaps you were unaware of said event. It's possible that you or somebody close to you were struck down by one of them virus things that seem to be on the up. Maybe you just realised it was raining outside and decided to give it a miss, even though you promised a close friend you would be there no matter what.
Regardless, such is our altruistic nature, YOU can download a copy of said mix right HERE. And yes, the last one included in the blog was Number 2. It was an old one, remember??. We've put this up now because of the Christmas thing and all that. If ya don't like how we do things round here then tough turd, you ungrateful Gets...
Seasons Greetings to the rest of you. See ya next year....x