Wednesday 17 February 2016

0282-08: burn THIS

Not too long ago a fine Finnish Clarets fan called Fabian contacted
 us regarding our Peter Noble book, and an exchange of ideas commenced. 
These two quotes are his;
"It is cold here in Finland believe 
me, and also in Burnley occasionally. We know this from watching the 
football at least. So we recorded the fire plus shenanigans to play 
tricks with your mind. Engage in cold situations because this is how our
 brain work sometimes. Why perhaps?. Brother, that's what I'd like to 
know about it. Be sure to think you are warmer when you hear the fire, 
believe me. Go for a walk in the temperatures when your breath is 
visible. Now listen and see. Also experience inside with most domestic 
animals who will relax more immediately,  perhaps smelling fire when 
heard correctly''.
"..burning is not exclusively regarding 
fire but commonly for compact disc reproduction also. In respect for 
this coincidence we must suggest that each person who buys our 
production makes a minimum of one copy to gift a friend or companion, 
and ideally also one additional copy to forget on public transport to 
cultivate recognition".
Fair enough??. Thirty-odd minutes of fire. With added shenanigans. It works.
Fabian Størsjon & Jukka Linköla are 'Porvoo Fabric'.
((cover: detail from 'Why is my thing thing burning like this?' by Sam Lewis)).