Sunday 15 June 2014

'El Trop'

First things first. It's our inaugural 'Jigsaw' night over in Tod next Saturday.
Have a look on this here poster for all fine details. Looks like a doozy:

In a tenuous attempt to link into this event into our current obsession (have a guess), our pals Barden Juniors have provided us with this fine mix (RIGHT HERE!!!!). South American flavours abound, they've called it 'El Trop', and the eagle-eyed among you might sense the link (also tenuous), to the sadly missed 0282-centric nite spot where one could seek out a plethora of divorcees of both sexes, brimming with the magical 'high sex drive / low self esteem' combination very popular in those times and places.

In another coup, we're mega chuffed to have been granted permission by one of our favourite local artists (Stephen West) to use one of his critically acclaimed World Cup paintings as visual accompaniment. Stephen has also chosen two of his other works for us to include. Thanks again mate x