Sunday 15 November 2015

that 0282 podcast thing: November 2015 - The contentious wisdom of Ignatius Redhead and Talkative Connolly...

" 5 minutes I counted more 'flippin ecks' than in the entire 3 series of Tucker's Luck...".

"..keep it under two hours though eh? - I can't stand any more..".

Friday 2 October 2015

that 0282 podcast thing: October 2015.

"Besides my better judgement, I can't help liking this. A lot". 

"It's 'kin rubbish. I turned it off after 5 minutes. I mean - It's hardly Chris Moyles is it??". 

Friday 4 September 2015

Saturday 1 August 2015

that 0282 podcast thing. August 2015 version.

Another month, another podcast thing. 
How could we not when the last one elicited such Stirling reviews;

"Too many weird records".

"Absolute nonsense". 

" Bob Harris on Mogadon, this guy sounds like a RIGHT dick...". 

So, fuelled by our ego, and eager for further praise, HERE IT IS.

Expect Terry Nutkin(s), The Liminanas, BlackBelt Jones, further Broadcast, and ever-so-slightly more.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Oh, Podcast. July 2015 version.

Our new Podcast thing can be tolerated RIGHT FLIPPIN' HERE.
Due to considerable inebriation and an inability to correctly tell the time, it's over two hours long. Sorry about that. Rest assured, at least several measures shall be made to ensure that the next edition will be considerably shorter. Your patience with this matter is greatly appreciated. Meanwhile, get yer lugholes round a jumbo portion of Yacht-Shoe Gaze, Fitzpatrick's BMX shop, Darth Vader, Chilean Pop, Billy Hamilton.
And 'that'.
Yon Podcast can also be downloaded RIGHT HERE AND ALL.


Saturday 13 June 2015

Come Hear & Move

It's a wonderful thing to observe young children dossing about to music. Gleefully expressing themselves without fear of judgement; as yet disencumbered by life's plethora of daft social conventions. Not caring about whether they might be 'doing it wrong'. Wholly unconcerned about making themselves look like a tit...
Well, who decreed that they have all the blinkin' fun anyway??.
Put this Compact Disc on. Clear a nice space somewhere or take it outside if you feel the need. Let loose to the enclosed melody and rhythms, and do your best to recall how liberating it was to do what you wanted without having to concern yourself with how it might appear. Release the shackles of your ego, and the constricting interpretation of external perception - If only for the duration of these four marvellous tunes.
So stop being such a boring Get. Flippin' Go For It. Come Hear and Move!!.

Modelled here by the lovely Yak Face and his drinking pal Amanaman, One can observe that aside from the added bonus of a CH&M button badge, each and every CD cover is different - draped in a keep-fit inducing material exclusive to all others. This has everything to do with the 0282 ethos of focussing on individuality and bespoke exclusivity and nothing to do with the fact that we got a pile of Lycra scrag-ends on the cheap.

Give us a shout if you fancy one. Listen to it RIGHT HERE...

Monday 23 March 2015

"It's the taking _art that counts"

The idea of us starting all this 0282-related balderdash was:

A - To have a good piss about,

B - to act as a conduit to help expose the multifarious talents of local folk and their creative pals thus creating a peer-support network for such outlets,

C - to manufacture a shop window of sorts to offer an opportunity for various record labels, publishers, promoters, commercially minded twats etc etc, to offer local folks some possibility of exposing their work to a wider audience thus affording the evasive possibility of one day (God forbid) said artists actually receiving some element of recognition and financial recompense for whatever it is they do,

D - to have a good piss about.

Whether the answer be any or all, We're putting this event together where we're gonna be giving art away and in a nutshell we're looking for donations from our creative pals such as your good selves. 
It doesn't have to be an exclusive work - A simple copy of anything you've created previously that you feel happy with us including would be more than amazing.
So far folks have pledged photographs, paintings, screen prints, mix tapes, and CDRs containing musical production. 
This is absolutely NOT about devaluing people's work by giving it away - It's about trying to help create an awareness of the vast amount of incredible stuff that is out there, and to try and increase accessibility and attempt to help demystify preconceptions around the old adages of what art is and how it can enrich lives by giving folks an opportunity to own.
While the conditions of our event prevent us from paying cash-money for any donations, what we can offer is an item from our paltry back-catalogue in exchange should you be remotely interested. 

The event is due to take place in May so we're looking for responses ASAP please.

Feel free to refuse input and call us a set of cheeky gets. It won't be the first time..

And if that wasn't enough to get you all dizzy with excitement, our latest night is this Saturday over at the amazing 3WM in that there Todmorden. Call it anti-digging. Call it an appreciation of the less esoteric tunes out there, regardless of how ace they are. Call it whatever a want. We call it 'Lazy Gets'.... 

Saturday 14 February 2015


A lover's lament on Valentine's, 34 years ago today. Another from the upcoming 0282 tome collecting Mr Pascoe's previously published work, along with a few exclusives....

Thursday 29 January 2015

Copy & Pasted

Well it's nearly that time of year already folks, where whether we like it or not, romance is shoved right down our throats (ooh Matron, Fnarr, Fnarr, etc etc). A time-served occasion affording star-crossed Lovers the opportunity to splurge their hard-earned spondoolix on more heart-shaped trinkets and what-not just as their bank balances begin their post-Yuletide recovery, while ostracisng all manner of singletons because they aren't able to properly celebrate another cynical sales opportunity by greetings card peddlers the world over. Of which we now count ourselves.

Not that we here at 0282 are totally against any form of public or private displays of passion. Or tenderness. Or affection. Or indeed anything along those lines. So let us provide you with these here vessels on which to accompany any amourous activity you may find yourself involved in this Valentine's Day, whether alone with that special someone, with a group of open-minded individuals fuelled by boxed wine, or perhaps an onanistic adventure of your own making. Whatever tickles your fancy, it's fair to say that one thing we can all agree on is the sort of sounds that will get our collective motors running. That's right - Limited edition greetings cards featuring paintings of Bananarama and such crafted by the fair hands of esteemed illustrator Stephen West. Enjoy...