Saturday 13 June 2015

Come Hear & Move

It's a wonderful thing to observe young children dossing about to music. Gleefully expressing themselves without fear of judgement; as yet disencumbered by life's plethora of daft social conventions. Not caring about whether they might be 'doing it wrong'. Wholly unconcerned about making themselves look like a tit...
Well, who decreed that they have all the blinkin' fun anyway??.
Put this Compact Disc on. Clear a nice space somewhere or take it outside if you feel the need. Let loose to the enclosed melody and rhythms, and do your best to recall how liberating it was to do what you wanted without having to concern yourself with how it might appear. Release the shackles of your ego, and the constricting interpretation of external perception - If only for the duration of these four marvellous tunes.
So stop being such a boring Get. Flippin' Go For It. Come Hear and Move!!.

Modelled here by the lovely Yak Face and his drinking pal Amanaman, One can observe that aside from the added bonus of a CH&M button badge, each and every CD cover is different - draped in a keep-fit inducing material exclusive to all others. This has everything to do with the 0282 ethos of focussing on individuality and bespoke exclusivity and nothing to do with the fact that we got a pile of Lycra scrag-ends on the cheap.

Give us a shout if you fancy one. Listen to it RIGHT HERE...