Friday 5 July 2019

that 0282 podcast thing: July 2019 PLUS the 'grand' opening of that 0282 place

Absolute ton of boss doings this month folks:

Besides that, it's all happening upstairs at Burnley Central Library as we open our fabled physical space aka 'that 0282 place' featuring all manner of splendid goings on. 
Take us ages to rattle it all off on here, but take a gander at some of these here pictures to get a good flavour, and then pop down and see what we can do. 

Monday 20 May 2019

qaopm space dig Daglish (40-odd K version for 0282)

Last heard of on our Music and Movement inspired EP 'Come Hear and Move', our joystick waggling chums 'qaopm space' kindly provide us with an 8-bit tribute for a 2-bit outfit like ours due to our mutual appreciation of an absolute legend of the computer music scene who sadly passed away far too early. Turns out they dig Daglish as much as we do....