Monday 9 July 2018

Got ANOTHER Semi On??

'It' might come home. It may well. Then what???
While yer thinkin about that, think about this:
Here's an alternative listen. From four corners of the football field. 
Nearly an hour of records from all semi-finalist countries of this here World Cup 2018. 
A mixtape of sorts called 'Got ANOTHER Semi-On??
And yes - that title is puerile. But what did you expect??

Friday 29 June 2018


As the Summer Solstice effs off for yet another year and the nights draw swiftly in, I think we can all agree there's surely NO comparable image that conjures up the impending Winter more forebodingly than a Playmobil GhostBuster stood behind a dusty old Pendelfin piano. 
A fresh addition to this ever familiar scene is yet another half-arsed 0282 release, a CDR collection of podcasts (Jan-Jun 2016), insufficiently wrapped in an old poster advertising one of our many commercially unsuccessful events. 
Needless to say, we also have a vacancy within our lacklustre marketing 'department'. ENJOY!!. 

Sunday 17 June 2018

UK:OK - Mixtape by Barden Juniors

A celebration of homegrown diversity, less Jingo more Jangle. 1960s near Misses and almost-made-it Men, with the odd couple that managed to sneak through...